Springtime for Man's Son

from by Seth on Gray Street

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Springtime for Man's Son

The space between green grass and a snow pile
Survived the cold now I grow with my own style
It's like the first day you notice the bird sounds
I recall easily it's when I wrote this verse down
The harsh months, the drinks, the shit was ugly
That frozen ground make you wish for muddy
There's a girl named May she's April's cousin
Every day I wait till she say she's coming
She bring the green with her, she got a mean sister
Name's June, nobody you know bring the heat quicker
Seasons made to deceive like a flea flicker
But sitting in my cave I develop a deep picture
I live through it then equate it to music
From New Hampshire, others from a state of confusion
I'm in too deep to play with emotions
When there's hurricane winds stay away from the coast
Write in the winter Robert Frost in my veins, I get lost in the change, what an author would say
Turn a collage to a wall solid gray, then get lost in the fog on your God's holiday
Glaciers melted we should've drowned a long time ago
Environment suffers but that's just on a minor note
Vision changed like I climbed in a kaleidoscope
Ideas fragment, erasing what I might've known
It took a week to write this song and in that time
The temperature went from forty seven to twenty nine
And back to fifty, sprouting green create a canopy
The months of hibernation are known to sedate your sanity
Middle of March we get hit with the frost
Sharpening my icy poem to the wickedest art
Delirium hidden in twists in the plot
A season changes and you're forced to come to grips with it all
The lack of sun is known to give you withdrawal, but when it comes back I'll be right out to kick it with ya'll
The lack of sun is known to give you withdrawal, but when it comes back I'll be right out to kick it with ya'll

It's the time we must break the frozen shackles
Irrigate the fear away, spit out the poison apples


from Paisley Everywhere, released September 24, 2014
Produced by Bea2ooth. Keys solo by Bea2ooth. Lyrics by Seth Gagnon.



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