Intruding the Treacherous

from by Seth on Gray Street

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Intruding the Treacherous

Get a chance better check your wallet
Someone's scheming on you when the check deposits
Can't collect if you bet and lost it
Hands drip sweat in your empty pockets
There's an intruder subdividing subconscious
Living in a house full of things you never wanted
Can't choose your thoughts, they can prove you wrong
Loosen screws change who you are
When your head's made up of only a piece that's sane
One piece complains, and you never sleep the same
Rummaging through the deepest depths of your mind
And while you think you're asleep you're taking steps
in the night
Can't see what has crept up behind
The paranormal is normal if you let it inside
Understand it as a regular vibe
Another texture to try, intrude treacherous minds

And if the sickness runs through ya
Best not pick the role of intruder
I'm swift with vicious manueuvers
Known to rip through malicious intruders

Intrusion, smooth on removing
Everything in your head maybe later you'll get tuned in
Who's the ruler of your emotions?
Once more the front door's what you fear most
I walk out it, the front it was all crowded
Feeling like a dream for some reason can't snap out it
A man shouted but I couldn't see him
Cuz my mind's an ancient, dark empty coliseum
Known to scare those that won't prepare
For the frozen stare, most get enclosed in fear
Go back down the darkened stairs, to the basement
Take time and start from there
Hard years where the art's prepared
Don't cross the line, less you got heart to spare
Just to be yourself brings complacence
Lock the doors, watch for the invasion


from Paisley Everywhere, released September 24, 2014
Produced by Bea2ooth. Cuts by DJ Myth. Lyrics by Seth Gagnon.



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