I Feel No Pain

from by Seth on Gray Street

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I Feel No Pain

Every person on earth is conditioned to feel pain
Emotion in music helps the listener keep sane
My big brain allows me to feel the strain of others
Listen to my song infinitely bonded in pain we're
Dull the sensation like the endings of my nerves were
It goes away in the swaying of daily circumstances
What's left behind is a residue of past hurt
My remedy is to relive the pain backwards
Exit my body, the tension and years of worry
Planted to keep returning, I walk in the fields of
Every instance leaves a mark that's unseen
Or a scar that runs deep on a heart to come clean
More broad than a part of one thing
My formula for relief, gotta start with something
Whether holistic or a drink so you can heal today
This is my written attempt to feel no pain

You might wake up, feel the sun's warmth to start your
You might reach for a drink just to stop the shakes
You might wallow in your ways just to make it worse
You might find the words I say are an escape from
We're all destined for let downs and rejection
Like venom from a best friend, some words are more
Sometimes you brush it off, other times absorb it
Pain is like a fortress for temporary courtship
Feelings palpable, color palettes are out of view
Everything is gray before the break for skies of
powder blue
It will get better soon, you don't accept the wishes
Loading ammunition in a coping mechanism
Aim for a second vision, a sacred home for pain
I scrape and show the blade like I was numb from
Let this song be your morphine drip
There's more than what you have seen on this awful
I feel no pain


from Paisley Everywhere, released September 24, 2014
Produced by Billy Boondox. Cuts by DJ Myth. Lyrics by Seth Gagnon.



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